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Newsletter – January 2022

We are nearly through the first month of the new year. Hopefully the Omicron tidal wave is starting to recede, and you and your family are healthy and safe.

Just a few updates in this month’s newsletter:

Collaboration Between Voice of the People and ASQ’s Government Division

I am continuing to work closely with ASQ’s Government Division and with Voice of the People. I recently arranged a call between leaders of these two outstanding organizations and was very pleased that they shared my belief that there is an opportunity for synergy and collaboration going forward.

Voice of the People promotes and advocates for a model of public consultation through policymaking simulations, conducted by the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation. These simulations reveal common ground that can be leveraged by our elected officials to support meaningful legislative solutions for many of our biggest problems. Regular use of this model by our elected officials would promote a strong partnership with the public.

This public consultation methodology/toolset will be presented at an upcoming webinar for ASQ’s Government Division. The webinar is expected to be open to the public. I will share registration info, once available.

My hope is that members of the Government Division will recognize the value of this public consultation methodology and promote its active use at all levels of government. The power of this synergy is that ASQ’s Government Division has over 5,000 members representing all levels of government throughout the world, so their members can actively promote and facilitate the standard use of a consultative and common ground approach to governing.

Contrary to what we are often led to believe, data does not support that voters are as polarized as frequently portrayed. I believe that a true measure of a government’s effectiveness and overall commitment to excellence is the consistent use of tools and best practices such as policymaking simulations to support their work. Going forward I hope to identify and facilitate similar opportunities for collaboration between good government organizations.

New Organization: Country First

I am very intrigued by Country First, an organization founded by Rep. Adam Kinzinger, whose mission is to “defeat the Toxic Tribalism tearing our families, friendships, and country apart”. As stated on the Country First website: “Think of Country First as an adjective that can describe any American – Republican, Democrat, Independent, or anything else. It simply means you’re a reasonable person of good will, who recognizes we don’t have to be enemies just because we have different experiences and perspectives.”

I have added to our Speak Up website a link to Country First under the Respect for Opposing Views principle and will be reaching out to them in the next couple of months.

Request for Help: Speak Up for Good Government Formal Structure

Speak Up for Good Government is now a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Adding that designation minimizes my personal liability as I continue to grow Speak Up for Good Government. I would like to do more to further formalize Speak Up for Good Government’s structure and governance. I’d greatly appreciate assistance on this from one of the lawyers on our distribution.

Have a great month!



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