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Newsletter - November 2023

We are less than one year from the next presidential election and many areas just completed their "off-year" election cycle.

In the 1960 State of the Union speech, President Eisenhower said, "In the long perspective of history, the right to vote has been one of the strongest pillars of a free society. Our first duty is to protect this right against all encroachment."

Voting by mail has made it easier for people to vote and overall participation trends are stable or slightly increasing, but trust in the accuracy of elections has been eroding.

We are continually bombarded by political ads, requests for money, and stories about rigged elections and election interference. It's both exhausting and disconcerting.

Against this backdrop, election officials and poll workers feel under siege and fear for their safety. It's not surprising there's a high rate of turnover of poll workers and election officials which further stresses our electoral processes.

Earlier this month, I attended Issue One's virtual event titled, “The High Cost of High Turnover: How the Departure of Election Officials will Impact the 2024 Elections.” This event reinforced my respect and admiration for the officials and poll workers that run our elections. They truly are heroes. One of the themes from the webinar was the need for sustained federal funding to ensure local election organizations have the people and resources needed to optimize election administration. Please add your voice to those that are advocating for this critical support of our democracy.

Our work at the Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity is designed to support election officials and increase voter confidence in our electoral process. I will provide additional details on our work in either my December or January newsletter.


This month's social media posts took a closer look at term limits, the unique approach taken by the Forward Party, and provided resources for navigating the dreaded political discussions that could pop up at holiday gatherings.

I frequently refer to Thanksgiving as the holiday where we have the opportunity to see the glass as half-full. At the beginning of our Thanksgiving dinner, we go around the table to share something we're thankful for. It's a great and fitting way to start the holiday season.

There are many unsettling events occurring in our country and around the world, but there is so much more that unites us than divides us. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

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