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Newsletter - October 2023

Between the horrific events in the Middle East to the dysfunction in the House of Representatives, it has been an extremely disconcerting month. A month that caused me to reflect and question my commitment to this work.

On balance, history as recent as World War II demonstrates that apathy and appeasement are the greatest enemies of freedom and democracy.

There are powerful forces and powerful people that are destabilizing the world and this country. Despite these forces, "we the people," by educating ourselves on candidates and issues, by speaking up, and by exercising our right to vote, have the power to protect our democracy and make our country and world a better place.

None of this is easy, or even guaranteed. Wading through misinformation and constructively engaging with people in debate is increasingly difficult. To make matters worse, elections and election workers are increasingly under attack.

My social media posts this month provided perspective on the state of our democracy, tools to combat misinformation and media bias, resources on elections and election officials, and reinforced how a strong partnership between our elected officials and their constituents can help promote and strengthen our democracy. If you haven't yet had a chance to review these posts, I encourage you to do so!

Here's hoping we have a much better month than the last one. Have a happy Halloween and a great Thanksgiving.

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