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Newsletter - December 2021

This month’s issue will be fairly short – briefly reflecting on our 2021 progress and looking forward to 2022.

2021 Progress

Since Speak Up for Good Government was launched in March, we have established a vision and mission and eight good government principles that guide our work. We have established important connections with good government entities such as Voice of the People, American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) Government Division, PolitiFact, and Issue One. We have submitted testimony to the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress and have a monthly newsletter. We have a website that was upgraded last month to support our continued work and support potential growth in 2022 and beyond.

What to Expect in 2022

All eight good government principles are critical to reducing legislative gridlock and empowering voters, but it is not realistic for me to personally work on all eight principles. Looking ahead to next year, much of my effort will be supporting the Commitment to Excellence principle through my work with ASQ and supporting the Partnership with the Public principle through my work with Voice of the People.

Although much of my time will be focused on the above items, I will continue to highlight work and news on all eight principles in our monthly newsletter and in social media posts. In addition, in order to effectively promote work on the other six good government principles, I will recruit team members who have a passion for each of those principles.

An additional focus and challenge for 2022, will be to effectively manage the growth of Speak Up for Good Government, ensuring we’re structured for growth and ensuring the work we take on is consistent with time and resources we have available.

December News

I was very pleased to learn that the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress recently passed its second set of recommendations and has fully implemented thirty-three recommendations. The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress is a truly bipartisan committee that’s tasked with finding ways to “make Congress work better for the American people”. Here’s a link to their most recent press release and a link to the committee’s website.

ASQ has posted a document that provides an excellent overview of plans for their Center of Electoral Quality and Integrity. This work strongly supports our Free and Fair Elections principle. I will be promoting it in 2022 with elected officials and good government organizations.

For Republicans on our distribution, I recently learned about the Republican Accountability Project. Their work supports our “free and fair elections” and “commitment to problem solving” principles.

Specifically, the Republican Accountability Project is working to:

  1. Support Republicans in Congress who, at great personal and political risk, are defying party leadership and defending the institutions of our republic.

  2. Unseat those who have tried to overturn a legitimate election and supported impunity for political violence, including by strategically recruiting and promoting primary challengers through their PAC.

  3. Push back against lies and conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud and “rigged” elections.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, safe and joyous holiday season and a very happy New Year.



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