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Newsletter - June 2023

Much of what we hear, both from traditional media and social media, highlights the extreme polarization and tribalism in our government and our country. These huge issues prevent us from working together to solve difficult problems.

A recent poll by NewsNation indicated that three-quarters of Americans say members of Congress should be willing to compromise and prioritize bipartisan legislation over standing with their party, including 84% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans. However, three-quarters of respondents have little confidence that the two parties will be able to work together in a bipartisan way over the next two years.

That poll provides an extraordinary snapshot of voters' lack of faith in our federal government. I hope that you all can take some solace in examples of organizations that are actively working to promote discourse and effective problem solving:

In addition to my principles of respect for opposing views and commitment to problem solving that were themes for the last two months, partnership with the public remains a cornerstone of government effectiveness. Public consultation ensures that citizens get information on key issues facing our country, and thoughtful analysis of public opinion equips our elected officials with solutions supported by bipartisan majorities. In addition to opening our minds to opposing viewpoints, we need to demand that our elected officials commit to solving problems leveraging bipartisan solutions forged from opposing viewpoints.

In other news:

Have a great month and a great Fourth of July holiday.


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