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Newsletter - November 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Although family and friends are first in the list of things I am thankful for, I am also very thankful for the American people and our democracy. The midterm election was a true testament to both!

In the recent election there was robust voter turnout. And although voters indicated greater trust in Republicans to manage most of the issues that were top of mind when they cast their ballots (see NBC news exit poll), much of the electorate rejected Republicans that are "election deniers".

Despite the encouraging news for our democracy, there are continuing threats, and the public remains extremely dissatisfied with both parties.

Third Way, a center-left "national think tank" published an interesting paper that indicates that voters feel that the Democratic party is out-of-touch with their priorities, and both parties are too extreme.

With divided government on the horizon for the next two years, respect for opposing views, a commitment to problem solving, and a true partnership between our lawmakers and their constituents are as important as ever.

Voice of the People continues to prove that there is common ground on divisive issues such as abortion and Social Security. They have recently partnered with ActiVote, a unique app that brings information about elections, issues, and elected officials to your smartphone. I encourage you to download the app and check it out. ActiVote facilitates easy access to valuable information on important issues, and it supports consultation and partnership between our elected officials and their constituents.

I am very excited about the progress the Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity is making. I will share updates on their work in either my December or January newsletter.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.


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