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Newsletter - September 2023

Welcome and thank you to our new subscribers!

I'm devoting much of this newsletter to a review of what Speak Up for Good Government—and this website—is really all about.

The mission of Speak Up for Good Government is to improve the effectiveness of our federal government by reducing legislative gridlock and empowering the public to impact and inform federal legislation.

Each of my eight good government principles addresses a gap in the functioning of our federal government. When taken together, they form a path to a much-improved legislative process.

Speak Up for Good Government also identifies and promotes organizations whose work aligns with one or more of these principles. Links to organizations that I have identified and/or worked with can be found in the resources section under each principle.

As I establish connections with these organizations, I am trying to identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration between organizations.

Please let me know of any organizations that you are aware of that support any of my eight principles. I am particularly interested in identifying and connecting with organizations that are promoting the incorporation of regional differences into federal legislation, thus empowering states and municipalities to determine the best way to achieve national objectives.


As I mentioned last month, I agreed to become the chairperson for ASQ's Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity. We have developed a draft set of best practices for eleven operational areas that we will be sharing with election officials in order to solicit their input. Once refined, the "consensus best practices" can be leveraged to increase voter confidence, support strategic benchmarking, and support development and implementation of model legislation designed to increase voter confidence in our election system.

Within the next two months, the Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity is expected to have a public-facing website and a social media presence that I will share with Speak Up Good Government newsletter subscribers and with social media followers.


As we reach the end of the Jewish High Holidays, which are a time to reflect on "sins" and a time to resolve on ways to improve in the upcoming year, I continue to reflect on the importance of respect and empathy and I continue to work to improve my ability to actively listen to and respect those with differing views.

This month's social media posts all focused on respect, empathy, and civil discourse:

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Have a great month.


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