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Newsletter - March 2023

It has now been two years since I launched Speak Up for Good Government, so I took a few minutes to look back at my first newsletter and am very pleased to see that I have remained true to the vision and principles that I initially articulated.

I have refined the principles, established a web presence, connected with and promoted a number of good government organizations, and forged some very special relationships.

I was very pleased to learn that one of my initial assumptions "that a majority of Americans believe in the spirit of collaboration, respect, and problem solving necessary to make our government work for we the people" is supported by a number of polls and studies. I am further encouraged by the work of Voice of the People and the Maryland Program for Public consultation, which has found 185 policy positions on a wide range of issues that are supported by majorities of Republicans & Democrats.

I hope everyone will check out this powerful newsletter from Chris Quinn, the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which highlighted the works of groups promoting civil discourse. I became a Braver Angels member after reading, and I plan to explore their work further in the coming months.


On March 8, the rescheduled webinar, "Fact-Checking Journalism and Fact-Checking to Improve Information Quality" was presented by PolitiFact Editor-in-Chief Angie Drobnic-Holan. I hope many of you were able to attend.

Some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • One of the foundations of democracy is people from opposing views coming together and deliberating/discussing information.

    • Challenge is when people have different sets of information

  • Journalism ideally supports democracy by giving voters information to support their decision making

  • If something evokes strong emotions, that's a clue that it should be fact-checked before sharing

For more information and tips on fact-checking, check out this publication that I posted last May.


Additional news and info:

Have a great month!


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